Excerpt from Wildcat

      He had a dangerous look about him, something basic an almost animalistic gleam coupled with a subtle glimmer of amusement. The look sent a chill down, her spine even as it warmed her. Unsure of his next move—or her own—Stormy bit her bottom lip.
     The innocent gesture caught Luke like a blow to the gut. Sudden desire spread through him, warming him like a hot towel. Eager for a taste of her, and sure that Stormy was every bit as anxious as he, Luke dropped the vest to the floor. He tore off his hat and sent it flying in the general direction of the bedpost, for once uninterested in where it landed. Then he fixed a heated gaze on her.
     "Come here," he whispered, his voice dark and husky.
     She took a backward step, her lip still clenched between her teeth. "What for?"
     "I want to kiss you. Come here."
     Stormy stood rigid, unsure of what to say or do. He's spoiled, her conscience warned her, used to having his way with women. She knew she should run, but her feet wouldn't move, and her mind seemed to shut down completely.
     Luke advanced on her. When he reached her, he took her into his arms and stared into her eyes. Then he whispered a final warning.
     "Brace yourself, Stormy. This time I mean to kiss you all the way to hell and back."
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