Excerpt from Untamed

     "Is it all right if I get under the blanket with you?"
     Since it hardly made sense to turn him away now, Josie lifted the buffalo spread and guided him between the sheets. Warming himself, Daniel snuggled close to her, making her all too aware that he wore nothing but a pair of woolen drawers. Josie had prepared herself against an attack by the Indian, not an attack on her senses by this man. But Lord, it felt good to have him lying next to her again, to be safe and snug in his arms. She almost wished she hadn't told the fib about her nonexistent sickness.
     "That's a hell of a lot better," Daniel said, slipping his arms around her back and waist. "There's nothing like body heat to take the chill out of a fellah."
     He draped his good leg across her then, pressing his body against hers, hot and hard, and then his hands went to her hair. Stroking her locks, slipping his fingers through them as he'd done earlier, he sighed.
     "Your hair is so soft," Daniel murmured, kissing the braid at her temple. "I can't get enough of it, the way it feels or the way it looks. The red in it reminds me of the sun breaking through a storm cloud. It's such a beautiful, coppery chestnut, it doesn't seem real."
     His words were like liquid tremors pouring down Josie's spine, saturating her entire body with a nameless, heated desire.
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