Excerpt from The Half-Breed Bride

     "Hold still, Sunflower," Cole whispered. "I'm not going to hurt you."
     Wary, but confused by his sudden gentleness, Sunny tested her rapidly tiring body for a quick burst of energy with which to fight him off. Then it occurred to her that she might not need her strength. The rancher had a new look in his eye, a gentler hold on her than before. Was he thinking of using her, of sating his lusts in her copper body, then discarding her?
     If so, she would allow his disgusting advances.
     She would encourage them. Then, when some sixth sense told her he was beyond control, she would point the gun at his head and demand her freedom.
     Sunny stopped her struggles and willed her body to relax.
     Enveloped by a cloud of silky black hair, consumed by its sweet, earthy fragrance, Cole kept a firm grip on her wrists, not realizing the girl had given up the fight. His head dropped lower, and his mouth brushed the velvet skin at the base of her throat. Her pulse hammered against his lips. She was so soft, so sweet and clean, yet wild as the country surrounding them.
     Cole lifted his head and stared into her eyes. Then he noticed the compliant limbs, the inviting expression looking up at him in the moon-bathed night.
     "Have you changed your mind?" he whispered. "Is this all you wanted from me?"
     Not waiting for her answer, Cole teased her upper lip with a gentle sweep of his mustache, hoping to draw some kind of response from her. The gesture only served to inflame him further. Suddenly eager for her taste, he took her up on her invitation and claimed her mouth with his.
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