Excerpt from The Bride Wore Feathers

     "No? Maybe it's time that I should dare a lot more." Jacob dropped to his knees and reached for her. "If you had been raised in this village, you would be the mother of many strong young sons by now. Perhaps you have remained a maiden for too long, crazy one." Keeping one strong hand firmly clasped around her arm, he reached up with the other and lightly drew the backs of his fingertips across her cheek. "A night spent in the arms of a Lakota warrior will most surely soften that barbed tongue of yours."
     Wondering how serious his intentions were, she felt equally outraged and intrigued by the idea of their union. Dominique's voice was weak with indecision as she said, "No, thanks. Just leave me alone."
     "That isn't what you want. I can tell by the look in your curious eyes." His middle finger traced her eyebrow. "See how your mouth trembles as you think about the heat of my lips against yours?" The finger moved down to her lower lip, then his hand slid down between her breasts and began stroking her flat tummy.
     "You know better than I how good you feel here."
     "No," she said through a sudden gasp. "Stop it."
     Jacob's laugh was hoarse as he said, "Your voice and the look on your face do not match your words, crazy one. Let me show you what it is to be truly a woman."
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