Excerpt from The Outlaw was no Lady

     "My goodness," Rayna whispered huskily. "How long have you been thinking that I had nothing on under my skirt?"
     Gant sucked in his breath. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. With a muttered oath, he tore Rayna's hand away from his body. Then, keeping her wrist in his iron grip, he jerked her up hard against his hips.
     Rayna laughed, a dark, velvety purr. "Apparently you have been thinking those thoughts for a very long time, too long, I think. Maybe we should go back to the ship now, to the dressing room, or maybe your cabin."
     "Here." His expression darkened. "Now."
     She glanced around. "Now? Wouldn't we be better off on the ship?"
     "No. You are not going to have everything your way."
     Then, before she could even blink, much less object, Gant lifted Rayna off of her feet and scooped her into his arms. Without another word, he stormed off toward the dense stand of oaks and beyond to the shadows.
     Then they were lost to the forest, the heavy mist, and their own unquenchable passions.
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