Excerpt from The Law and Miss Penny

     "Cain? You decent?"
     He looked up to see Mariah framed in the doorway, her long black hair bathed in sunshine, and he felt a jolt of desire. Decent? Not by a long shot.
     She stumbled through the doorway and dumped the packages in her arms on the foot of the bed. "Zack bought a few things for your debut. Get up and try them on."
     "I don't know, Mariah." Cain stood and began to unbutton his shirt. "I have a feeling the medicine show will do a lot better if 'Brother Law' stays in this wagon."
     "You've probably got a little stage fright."
     Mariah rolled the sleeves of his flannel shirt down his arms and stripped it off. She tore open the smallest package and withdrew a white dress shirt. As she held the garment up to him, she couldn't help but notice the way the silk fabric whispered against his naked skin.
     This man had to believe that he was her cousin, a blood relative. He absolutely had to believe the lie.
     Mariah turned away in order to catch her breath and her wits.
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