Excerpt from A Lawman for Maggie

     Matt shut Maggie up then, not with words, but with his mouth, all but smothering her with a kiss that seared right through to Maggie's soul. Until that moment, she assumed he felt much the way she did; that any female who had to hire a tracker to bring her man back, and then had to keep him chained up to make sure he stayed around, couldn't have been much of a woman, in any sense of the word. Now she wasn't so sure.
     She understood somehow that Matt's passion came from within himself. Then again, maybe she just wanted to believe that his kiss and the flames that it touched off were ignited by their desire, not by sheer physical need that could have been sated anywhere, by anyone. Not that allowing herself to believe Matt actually desired her made a lot of sense to Maggie—he could just as easily have been driven by a sense of guilt or pity, and not the genuine lust she herself felt.
     She knew one thing for sure at the moment—the awakening of her desire had a single source; the man himself The fever of being near Matt had threatened to consume her, and had done so, she realized, since the moment she'd first looked at him as a man, and not simply the means to an end. The thought shocked, terrified and confused her so, she pushed away from him, robbing herself of what she desperately needed while she still could.
     The moment her lips left his, Matt came after her again, this time assaulting her senses with his words.
     "Just in case you're wondering, Maggie," he said, a strange rage deepening his lust-choked voice. "Make no mistake about what just happened here. That was no accident, my kissing you. I've wanted to do that since before you sent me after Rafe Hollister."
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