Excerpt from Again

          Oh, Lord. Alec stopped breathing. The world was spinning. Here on the concrete apron of the loading dock, here in the hot late afternoon August sun, he was riveted, disbelieving. This couldn't be happening. Not to him. He was sensible, he was down-to-earth, he was Canadian. But it was happening. He had never been more sure of anything in his life. He was in love with her.
     He hadn't asked for this. He didn't want this. She was as good as married. She had been with Brian since she had been fourteen. Half of her life she'd been with him. No sane man would fall in love with a woman with a commitment like that.
     But he had.
     He knew what he should do. Pick up his hat, cane, snuff box, calling cards, whatever, and get the hell out of there. He was at the fork in the road, and one fork was labeled "Life As We Know It." An okay road that looked to be—a few hills, a couple of boring flat lands, nothing to get worried about. The other fork was "Life While Being In Love With Someone Else's Woman," and who knew what that road was like, because you couldn't see any of it. It plunged straight downward into steaming darkness.
     He should step back, turn away while there was still time.
     But he couldn't. That would mean turning away from her.
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