Excerpt from Savage Echoes

     Her captain had the plush office. Made sense. Large windows lined the front. The blinds on each had been raised, so the impromptu meeting must not be too bad. His door was ajar, and he was expecting her. Nickie knocked anyway before walking in. Shutting the door behind her, she opened with, "Sir?"
     "Sit down, and don't call me that."
     Trying not to smile, she prodded, "What's that?"
     Captain Dave Nolan had been her partner, her mentor and, in a way, the father figure she'd never had. She could still give him crap about his captain status.
     He answered with a jeer. At six-foot-four he might look menacing, but she knew better.
     Since he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of an answer, she asked, "What've we got?"
     "Listen." Dave sat at his enormous desk. His chair was big enough to fit him—that said something—and tall enough to rise above his head.
     She slid into a padded guest chair and set one black leather boot on her knee.
     A voice came from the computer.
     "9-1-1 dispatch. What is your emergency?"
     Male, but she could tell it had been altered. He spoke calm and clear. "You need to come and get her."
     Nickie's spine straightened as the recording continued.
     "Get who, sir? What is your name?"
     "I... I can't give you that information. I'm going to hurt her soon."
     "We can help you, sir."
     Nickie presumed the sounds of movement were the operator waving for help.
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