Excerpt from Savage Deception

     "This is our hotel." Those were the only four words Nickie had spoken since Duncan picked her up at Vegas Metro. He'd expected her to be shaken after the day she'd had. He didn't expect her to be shaking.
     Heading for the elevator, he realized they were retiring to their room as the rest of the town was beginning their evenings.
     He heard them before the elevator arrived. Loud, drunk and male. The doors slid open to a small group of young men. They reeked of marijuana and alcohol. One did a double take at Nickie.
     "The cop stripper!" he slurred. "I got your card in here somewhere." He patted his pockets.
     Nickie wore what she usually did. Button-down blouse, this one raspberry-pink, and black slacks... both tighter than most wear. She was never afraid to use her sexuality when it suited her. Her black boots had heels. Her gun was secured on her belt, along with her badge and cuffs.
     Duncan saw it all through an angry haze of red.
     The one patting his pockets took out some cash. The others whistled as they pulled out more bills.
     Duncan stepped in front of Nickie.
     "Come on, dude. Share!" the boy said to Duncan.
     He wasn't sure whose arm it was, but before he knew it a hand cupped her breast.
     As quickly as the arm reached her, Nickie twisted and had it wrenched behind the man's back. "That's assaulting a police officer you stupid piece of shit." Her voice was eerily calm.
     "Hey!" another one defended, landing a hand on her shoulder. Duncan took it, bending it back until he heard a crack. The boy bellowed in pain as his friends stepped in to help.
     Fists flew and heads bobbed. They were drunk and young. That excuse wasn't going to help them. Duncan ducked easily, taking two down with solid hooks as he heard the soft heels of the security officer running toward them.
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