Excerpt from Magic King

October 31, 2029
     Jane Deerfield's hand hovered over the on/off switch, but she couldn't press it down. Turning off a computer always seemed a little like murder to her. Stopping access to terabytes of information was criminal, especially since she'd just spent five hours repairing the system, reloading the software, and making sure everything networked perfectly for the people who used it.
     Jane stood up, hating to leave the dancing lights of the monitor's screensaver, even to stretch. She straightened, rolling her shoulders a bit before looking around. Except for the soft glow of the computer's monitor, the library was completely dark. Glancing at the clock in the upper corner of the screen, Jane gasped at the time.
     Damn. Not only had she missed Mary's Halloween costume party, but federal curfew too. By a good two hours, no less. She hoped any police she met understood the importance of her mission. The rest of the world might view her as a lowly computer nerd and perpetual student, but she knew in her heart she was a warrior bravely fighting to keep alive one of the last free centers of knowledge available to all.
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