Excerpt from Dragonbound

     "Your body betrays you." Unable to resist, he cupped her breast, stroking a thumb across her tightened nipple while she shuddered. "Just as mine betrays me."
     "What of the woman up there?" Sabina growled, knocking his hand away. "Are we just vessels for your lust?"
     "I don't know her name," he admitted. "But I know yours, Sabina. I know you, and have loved you since you were ten years old."
     "You don't even know what love is!" She reached down and grabbed his prock. The movement was bold and hard, and he nearly fell to his knees at the exquisite pain. But to do so would likely kill him, so he locked his knees tight and held his breath.
     "This is not love. This is lust. Beasty lust." She shoved him backwards, and he stumbled. "And you disgust me."
     He braced himself and glanced out over the cliffs, straightening slowly, his organ still impossibly hard after such rough treatment. He made his voice equally cold, equally cruel. "And yet you came to me. You traveled alone in winter through the mountains to find me."
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