Excerpt from Dragonborn

     As they watched, the dragon extended its neck, diving toward the city as a queenfisher would for its prey. It plummeted straight down. Straight at them.
     All about, people screamed and grabbed their children. They trampled one another in their haste to escape while Kiril and his horse skittered to avoid a similar fate. And still the Copper came while Natiya simply stared, mesmerized. She felt the sweat of Kiril's body as he gripped both her and his horse. But most of all she felt her egg, wild and exultant inside her.
     That's when she knew the truth. She knew who the dragon recognized, knew it was coming for her and the Queen's egg she carried. And somehow, from its place pressed deep inside her belly, the egg returned the call.
     "Quiet!" she hissed to the egg. "You'll get us killed!" But the egg did not listen. It was screaming silently, creating waves and waves of joy—felt, not heard. And Natiya pressed her hands to her stomach trying in vain to silence it.
     "Hold still!" Kiril rasped in her ear.
     "I can't," she gasped. She barely had the control to look up, to see her death as the Copper shot like an arrow toward her.
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