Excerpt from Texas Wildcat

     "You know what your problem is?" Zach ground out, lowering his face within inches of hers. "Your daddy spoiled you rotten."
     "He did not!"
     "He spoiled you and coddled you. What he should have done was turn you over his knee."
     "My daddy knew how to treat a woman," Bailey flung back, "which is more than I can say for you, Rawlins!"
     That was it. The final straw. He'd borne her public insults to his manhood too many times. With a surge of primal instinct too confused to clearly define, he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her hard against him. He heard her gasp, saw the shock flare in her sapphire eyes. Then his mouth swooped to cover hers.
     For an instant, the barest of moments, she swayed on tiptoe. Her hands clutched his shirt sleeves; her chest collided with his. Suddenly, his anger was snuffed out in a blaze of desire. He slanted his mouth, demanding an entry to the enticing wetness that lured him deeper...
     She was kissing him eagerly now, hungrily, demanding a response that every sizzling part of him ached to provide. God have mercy on his soul.


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