Excerpt from Seduced by an Angel

     "Can I have my pants back?" A wicked dimple flirted with his lips.
     "Maybe." She narrowed her eyes at his bawdy show of humor. "Are you going to pack them in your bedroll and ride?"
     "Now that's an interesting question, coming from a maid."
     "That is not what I meant!"
     "Isn't it?" Those strong white teeth flashed in a feline smile. "It seems to me a young, unmarried woman shouldn't be visiting her hired hand's digs in the middle of the night. Unless, of course, she has a certain kind of pleasure-riding on her mind."
     Sera's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe he would think such a thing about her!
     Well, okay. Maybe she had imagined kissing him with a reckless abandon. And maybe she'd imagined stripping off his shirt to feast her eyes on his rock-ribbed planes. But was that such a crime? Imagining?
     "Why are you being so contrary?" she demanded. "I thought we were friends."
     "So did I. Until I came in here tonight and caught you spying on me."
     She caught her breath. "Jesse, I swear. That is not what I—"
     With a speed reminiscent of his quick-draw, he ripped the denim from her hands and caught her wrists. She shivered a little when she recognized the hunger in his jungle-cat stare.
     "Jesse, please don’t be angry with me—"
     "I’m not angry with you, Sera. I want to do forbidden things to you. I want to do scandalous, bawdy things that will make you pant and gasp and shake with the sheer, wild pleasure of my kiss..."
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