Excerpt from Texas Outlaw

     Teasing, with featherlight persistence, he trailed kisses along her jawline, down to her pulse, up to her ear. But when his tongue flicked inside, shooting sparks to the base of her spine, she couldn't bear his assault any longer. She hiked a shoulder.
     "You're just one hot little tease, aren't you, Fancy?" Cord whispered, his mouth hovering a bare inch above her own.
     She drew a ragged breath. "Amateur."
     "Oh, I reckon I am—next to you. Think you've got something to teach me?"
     Her heart tripped. He wasn't serious... Was he?
     She fanned her lashes downward to hide her uneasiness. What had happened to the grieving husband? To Marshall Do-Right? This wasn't the Cord Rawlins she knew; this was a wildcard.
     Still, she was the mistress of gaming, was she not? She could match any ace he had hidden—and then some. She'd make this one showdown Cord Rawlins would never forget.
     Rising on tiptoe, she touched her lips to his. She expected him to stiffen; instead, his mouth slanted, demanding more of her kiss. She obliged. Gripping her buttocks, he ground his hips into hers, and she gasped. His heat was electric, charging every nerve. She told herself she had no business liking the way her flesh tingled. But desire was like a firecracker bursting inside her brain...


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